Vintage reincarnated. It's about nostalgia. These jewels have been to a few parties before. They've seen some things- maybe the inside of a drawer for a while. Yet, their classic beauty shines again in a new incarnation. Our leather bags are designed with this same concept -simple beauty. Streamlined, classic bags that will last a life time. 

The Magic Behind the Name

Hazel was my grandmother. She was one of three sisters raised in the heart of Chicago in the 1920's. Blessed with good work ethic and a strong family, this amazing woman became my inspiration. She never stuttered when asked her opinion and she kept every thank you note she ever recieved. Hazel knew what was important. No matter who you were, she welcomed you in to her home for "a little something". From her charming personality to her matching purse and shoes, Hazel was the epitome of class.  The spirit of Hazel Ray lives on in each handcrafted piece- a Chicago lady who loved fine things.